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Grab some delicious chocolate ebony scat treats for your own pleasure.

Poo purchases will be shipped in the order they’re received, Average wait time before your order is shipped is 14-21 days per load, which accounts for the increased demand on the postal service and your order will be updated with tracking once it has been shipped.

I eat a completely organic diet with nothing but fruits, veggies, nuts, and the occasional sweet treat, I’m STD/HIV/parasite free (yep, I got tested before selling my chocolate). I usually shit every 2 -3 days, so if you’re pleased with the size and quality of my poop from the way it looks in my videos/thumbnails, then we’re good! If you REALLY want extra ebony scat, then you’ll have to buy two loads!

PRO-TIP! When it’s hot during the summer, when your treats arrive in the mail, throw them in the fridge/freezer for a while before taking them out of the vacuum seal package, then enjoy!


Some general precautions include freezing poop when you’re not enjoying it, and DO NOT taste/eat poop in general when you have any cuts/sores in or around your mouth (don’t floss 12 hours before/after eating poo for this reason) or smear if you have *any* nicks, cuts or scrapes on your body to avoid possible infection (same as when you’re gardening in the dirt!) Also, playing with anyone else’s poop besides your own when you have a compromised immune system is not recommended as it increases risk overall. And as for hygiene, please make sure to soap up thoroughly afterwards, spray your tub/shower with a water/bleach solution after when you clean up, and use lots of mouth-wash! Pro tip: Lavender and mint soaps help mask the smell Be safe, sane, and enjoy!

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1 review for Chocolate Logz

  1. Ned Logze (verified owner)

    Where to begin?!

    First, what you see in her videos is what you get. Big creamy thick logs that melt in your mouth.

    Communicating with her is as easy as sending a message and waiting for her to respond.

    That being said, don’t waste her time.

    Oh yea, check out her Twitter as well. She supports of black women doing the same thing!

    Once you order, you get to follow your load all the way to your address with accurate tracking all the way from pick up to drop off.

    Then watch her onscreen as she pushes out what you enjoy in front of you.

    All in all, definitely worth the investment!

    I’ll be back again and again.

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